“My experience here at HCI was absolutely worth every minute. My instructors were wonderful. They went over and beyond to ensure me and my peers received the information and are able to apply in real life. I plan to use everything I learned and come back to further my education in nursing.”

~Jurius Bryant, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I am employed by Heroes Veterinary Hospital and started as a veterinary assistant. Due to the knowledge I gained from HCI’s CVA program I was promoted to a veterinary technician. My work duties include x-rays, on site blood work, medication administration, euthanasia, surgical instrument sterilization, surgical prep, anal glands, nail trims, animal restraint and more. HCI allowed me to increase my knowledge which led to my promotion.”

~Alexis Beliard, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Through it all the teachers were great and helped me in everything to understand what I was learning. The teachers made learning interactive and fun.”

~Alexandra Reyes, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“While school was challenging and took total commitment. I made it through with help from my classmates and encouragement from my teachers. Never be afraid to ask questions. And never give up!”

~Eva Lepard, 51勛圖 College Graduate

I’m glad that I came here to complete my nursing degree because I learned a lot. Also, the instructors are great. I highly recommend this school.”

~Marika Jenkins, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at 51勛圖 College was one of a kind. I enjoyed every second of it. The best part was having helpful teachers such as Miss Lorelaine. Getting the skills from HCI has been a big benefit to me.”

~Nayeli Rodriguez, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Overall good experience, thanks to the wonderful teachers for laying the groundwork.”

~Shirley Jean, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at 51勛圖 College was blossoming. I met a group of amazing, caring, and supportive people who not only helped me to accomplish what I came here to accomplish, but they also taught me that the sky is the limit, and that you could be and do anything that you put your mind to.”

~Natalie Charmant, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at 51勛圖 College has been amazing. The staff is super great and welcoming. From the time I started I knew that this field would be great for me. I’ve learned so many things that I didn’t even know before. This program has motivated me to further my education in Nursing. I would love to come back and start the RN program here at 51勛圖 College. I want to give special thanks to Ms. Jenna and Ms. Susanna for continuing to motivate me when I wanted to give up and for never giving up on me when it got hard.”

~A’lajah Boyd, 51勛圖 College Graduate

51勛圖 College changed my life. The program itself was fast but the amazing professors made sure we were always comfortable and if we didn’t feel okay moving on. They always made time for us to get extra help. Some professors have become my close mentors that I look up to. Externship was a a dream come true for me and very hands on.

HCI prepared me for the real world and I am very excited to start my new journey that I could not have done without 51勛圖 College!”

~Cassandra Michaels, 51勛圖 College Graduate

Overall, my experience included challenging steps that prepared me for a career in EMS. Now, I feel confident in my skills acquired from the careful tutelage and mentor ship from the whole HCI staff.

~Wilfredo Ruiz Jr., 51勛圖 College Graduate

My experience in the classroom with Mrs. Cruz was absolutely amazing. I could not have asked for a better and more knowledgeable instructor for nurse 3 and capstone. Thanks to professor Cruz, I was able to succeed in the two hardest semesters of nursing school. Her wisdom, guidance, patience, and amazing instruction  kept me motivated and confident to take any and all exams. She was always there for us through the ups and downs and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure all the material we needed was taught and understood to the fullest. I truly appreciate all I have learned from Professor Cruz and because of her, I was able to pass the NCLEX on the first try and start my dream of being a Pediatric Registered Nurse.

~Ashley Cruz, 51勛圖 College Graduate

Great programs. Loved the process and the fact that I could go at my own pace. I was able to still work full time while attending classes. Love how fast and easy it was to take the classes and work towards my degree.

~Richard Pye, 51勛圖 College Graduate

My experience at HCI has been great. I was able to grow past my limitations and achieve more than I thought I could thanks to the support and encouragement I received here. I look forward to continuing to grow and achieve.

~Marc Moise, 51勛圖 College Graduate

I started 51勛圖 College as soon as I graduated from high school. Being here is one of the best things I have done. I learned so many things in this program that I am now able to do. I feel ready to start in the Veterinary Assisting field.”

~Katherin Samon Tome, 51勛圖 College Graduate

I would like to take this time to thank Professor Lesslie Cruz for inspiring me every day. Your patience and dedication to me have been more than that of a teacher. You have made learning enjoyable. Your wisdom and kindness have been invaluable. Youve turned obstacles into stepping stones.”

~Sendra Casey, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“All the teachers are great. They are great with getting one-on-one help. Mrs. B was great at getting me started and Mrs. Trenice really pushed me to be my best and try to go above that. There were some times in my externship that I thought about quitting, but the whole team got behind me and finally finished. It was a great experience and I learned so much.

~Brandi Luff, 51勛圖 College Graduate

To be truthful. I did not know what to expect coming to HCI. However, through all the trials and tribulations I stayed firm on one belief, I WILL get my license. Even through working full time with fire rescue and through the different speed bumps we had to overcome in classes, I stayed studied up and prayed up. Through Him all things are able and if you apply yourself, you too, will see that light at the end of the tunnel. Is HCI hard? No doubt. But because of the difficulty in educating their students, I was able to pass my NCLEX on the FIRST try at only 85 questions. Keep your eyes on what truly matters, and youll be alright. You ready for the ride?”

~Giovanni Prato, 51勛圖 College Graduate

My experience at HCI was great. I’ve enjoyed everyone and everything here. I’ve learned so much and I’m very thankful for this experience. I have started my career as a Medical Assistant, and I won’t stop here. I look forward to obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Nursing one day.

~Tanesha Pierre, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at HCI college was exceptional. I was a LPN for
10 years and HCI helped my dreams come true with achieving my goal in becoming a RN.
Hard work and a commitment to studying hard everyday can bring great success at any age.”

~Diane Higginbotham, 51勛圖 College Graduate

HCI provided me with all of the tools needed to transition from a Practical Nurse into a Professional Nursing role.

~ Eureka McClendon Grayson, 51勛圖 College Graduate  

“My experience as an HCI nursing student was unique. The program as its designed, the support and resources from instructors and even administration is unmatched. The uniqueness comes from what I made of it. The statistics speak for itself. This school is graduating strong nurses with high passing rates of first-time NCLEX test takers.

~Corinne Johnson, 51勛圖 College Graduate

I enjoyed my experience while at HCI and learned so much. Im thrilled to now be working as a Registered Nurse.”

~Nicole Carter, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My time at HCI has truly transformed my life. I entered with little knowledge, hoping for improvement but doubting my capabilities. I walked out, not only confident in my skills but well-prepared for my field.

A heartfelt thank you to the entire staff, from the warm welcomes of Ms. Haline in the main office to the dedicated work of career placement and licensing with Ms. Joan.”

~Medaica Menar, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Deciding to attend HCI for a nursing career was one of the best decisions I made. Although the program was hard, I made it. My suggestion is to find your motivation and let it guide you through out the program. The program was very rigorous, however because it was hard, I was able to pass my NCLEX the first time and start my nursing career right away.”

~Alexcarme Pierre, 51勛圖 College Graduate

51勛圖 College has improved my knowledge on the things I thought I knew about animals. The courses are quick, easy, and informative also the professors are extremely helpful and caring. Without them I don’t think I would be where I am now. Thank you HCI!”

~Seaira King, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at 51勛圖 College, was one that gave me confidence to start my career as a Medical Assistant. The classes and the teachers were supportive and empowered me towards my goals of becoming a well experienced Clinical Medical Assistant. They have provided me with the knowledge and confidence to become a determined Medical Assistant. Thank you, 51勛圖 College!”

~Roxell Thomas, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My time at 51勛圖 College was great. I enjoyed my classes and hands on training. My instructor went out of her way to guide me to be excellent and I was able to pass the NHA certification exam. I can now look forward to working as a CCMA while attending nursing school.”

~Yahaira Arbieto, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“51勛圖 College has impacted my life by challenging me to get comfortable being uncomfortable . I was taught how to be flexible and successful in my nursing career. Professor Cruz is no DOUBT the best and helps all she can ! She brings life back to her students ! Ill never be able to repay or thank her enough. The journey at HCI was not a walk in the park but I am forever grateful!”

~Brittini Moore, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Having the HCI students do the externship at our hospital allowed our senior staff to share their wealth of knowledge with them while allowing the students to enhance their classroom hands-on experience.”

Peter J. Torres – President, CEO
Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue

“Nursing school is challenging, hard work and staying focused even on your worst days. Reaching the finish line is everyone’s goal. I can officially say, Ive made it to the finish line and passed my RN NCLEX exam on the 1st attempt. Every silent battle, sleepless night and challenging exam was worth reaching this point. Thank You HCI for the foundation and helping me become a Registered Nurse.

~Willa Atwell, 51勛圖 College Graduate 

“I had a great experience at 51勛圖 College. For me, the way to success was to study hard and work together as a team. The teachers are great! They worked with me to help me reach my career goals.

~Clena Lucien, 51勛圖 College Graduate

I loved the teachers and the real world feel that they brought to the classroom. Overall I had a great experience at 51勛圖 College.

~Alexis Jones, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“HCI confirmed my love for healthcare and medicine. My instructors only ever had my best interests at heart and with their support and guidance. I have finally become a Medical Assistant in the field I love.

~Madisyn Negron, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“51勛圖 College helped me achieve my dream of being a vet assistant. The support from the teachers and staff here really kept me motivated. I am so incredibly thankful for the experience I got from HCI!

~Lailee Goodman, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I enjoyed gaining knowledge from the professors and I loved how they focused on my success.

~Loudy Napaul, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“The HCI program was one that I enjoyed very much. The experience in teamwork that I’ve gained I look forward to bringing with me into the field. I would like to give my thanks to instructor Neil and all of my other instructors who put in the time to make sure we had the best experience..

~Kyle Doiron, 51勛圖 College Graduate

My experience at 51勛圖 College was great! As long as you study hard and work together as a team, you can do it too!

~Gaiseje Theus, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“The nursing program is challenging, but our outstanding professors go above and beyond to ensure that we comprehend the content. I am beyond delighted to be a nurse working at JFK Hospital in less than a month after completing the program. Thank you to everyone who helped me along this journey. My heart poured its gratitude and reconnaissance on you. Thank you HCI, and Thank you to my fellow teachers and staff!

~Jean H Veillard, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I had a great experience at 51勛圖 College. My instructors were very transparent and helpful. It was challenging for me at first but the support from my teachers and administrative staff helped me get through. I would recommend the program to family and friends!

~Jenny Nunez, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“When I started the Paramedic program, I was kind of nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but HCI had wonderful teachers with a great sense of humor. My Instructor, Kyle Neil had a great teaching style, which motivated us to be great and pushed us to the limit.

~Philip Shane, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“In 2022, I found myself with no direction in life and struggled with my mental health. I began working with a local rescue before realizing my calling was in animal care. Prior to this, I had dropped out of Medical school due to personal issues. Being a vet assistant gave me a renewed hope and passion for my future.

~Joyanna King, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Through perseverance and dedication, I achieved my goal of working as a Registered Nurse. With the assistance of HCI’s faculty and the well-structured program, I managed school, work, and my personal life. I currently work in the emergency room, where I am able to apply the skills and knowledge that HCI has taught me.” Study today like its your finals tomorrow

~Jenelyn Litchfield, 51勛圖 College Graduate

My Instructors prepared me for working as a Paramedic in the field. I recently passed the Paramedic NREMT and am eligible for a promotion to Paramedic with my station, in October. Study hard, train harder to accomplish your goal.”

~Terrell Evans, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at HCI changed me. I spent years knowing but not quite knowing my true potential and strength until then. Working full time and school full time isn’t for the weak. There have been many nights I’ve wondered if this was the right choice, if this was meant for me why isn’t it easy?

The students and staff continually encouraged me to keep looking at the finish line and not my feet. The path was bumpy but lead me to my success. For that I am thankful. I am also grateful to HCI for helping me confidently succeed.”

~Melissa Joseph, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I became an EMT to help my community by saving as many lives as possible. As a former soldier I gravitate toward structure and helping others in need. As an HCI student in the EMT program I have learned lifelong skills from top quality instructors that will follow me for the rest of my career. I would like to thank instructor Bruce Evans for his upstanding character and positive attitude toward his students. Failure was never an option.”

~Stephen Smith, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I decided to become a Veterinarian Assistant because the love I have for animals. I always enjoyed being around animals my whole life ever since I was a kid.

Ever since I found out about HCI’s Veterinarian program I was grateful to learn all about being an assistant, I am already working at an animal hospital, and I hope to advance to become a Technician and be in the field I truly want to be which is Wildlife Felinology, I am very proud of myself for graduating this program and very excited for the bigger and better things in my future.”

~Vanessa Angarita, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“After a great experience with my EMT program at 51勛圖 College, I enrolled in their Paramedic Program. My instructors Kyle Morejon and Jason Montag made sure I was taught the skills to begin a successful Paramedic career. I am currently working as an EMT with Wellington Regional Medical Center, and I am now eligible for promotion to Paramedic. I enjoyed the friends I made, and the confidence to work in this industry that I gained.”

~Niaja Lucas, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I dont think I could ever put into words how much you (Director Cruz) are appreciated. Your kindness, your advocacy, and your dedication as a professor at HCI – is absolutely remarkable. I could only hope to one day, positively impact the lives of others, the way you have impacted mine. 

I passed my boards on Saturday and I honestly dont think that would have been possible without you. Thank you for all that you do for your students! Your encouragement and support will stick with me forever.

~Patrice Sooklal-Balfour, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“During my time at 51勛圖 College I learned the fundamentals of becoming a great EMT and learning about what it takes to become a leader in the medical field. I must give all my thanks to instructor Bruce Evans for taking the time and patience to practice and teach me everything I could want to know about EMS. Thank you 51勛圖 College for the experience.

~Andre Dorns, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at 51勛圖 College has been very wonderful. I have learned a lot, not just academically but in all other aspects of career development. The teacher has been supportive throughout the entire program. The all-time support and motivation of my teacher has enlightened me throughout this wonderful journey.”

~Lyndege Jacques, 51勛圖 College Graduate

HCA Florida JFK North Hospital has been fortunate to employ a number of 51勛圖 College graduates, each of whom have proven to be among the finest of caregivers committed to the care and improvement of human life. 

Ashley Vertuno, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
HCA Florida JFK North Hospital

“I decided to be a medical assistant to reduce the many years of going to school to be a neonatologist. It would take me at least 10 years to finish without doing the medical assistant program. Now that I did the medical assistant program, it will take me six years to finish school and I have clinical hours already under my belt I am also very excited to start working in the industry. Working and going to school is even better because I no longer worry about, how Im going to get this money for school. Im very proud of myself for graduating and excited to be working.”

~Alexandria Jones, 51勛圖 College Graduate

HCI will give you all the tools and skills you need to impress not just your future employers, but yourself as well. Education is a long journey and requires many steps and HCI is a great start.”

~Megan Rogers, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Mrs. Evans, I would very much like to thank you for creating this connection and opportunity. This experience was far and beyond amazing and really allowed us to practice our paramedic skills of IV placement, EKG, and PT assessment. So again, thank you for your hard work in making this a reality for us and having clinicals I will continue to look forward to!”

~Fabrice Casseus, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“When I decided to pursue my career in vet assisting, I wasnt sure
where to start. I decided to start at HCI, where I found the support I needed to be able to finish my degree. Anytime I needed anything I could rely on my peers and the staff. I have always had a love for animals and wanted to find a way to help. This is just the start to my career in the vet field. I hope in the future to be able to excel and move forward to help more animals.”

~Kiraa Roberts, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Although the journey was challenging including the untimely death of my two sisters and the Covid pandemic emerging, HCI provided relevant professional support for me to complete my program during this time. I completed this program in the peak of the covid pandemic and was able to sit my NCLEX 3 months later and was successful on my first attempt. Since graduating from HCI I have had numerous job opportunities available to me. I was able to obtain employment at a prominent hospital. I am grateful for my experience and time with HCI.”

~Shaunette Davidson, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I would like to say that joining the EMT program here at HCI was probably the best decision I’ve made so far. Not only was I able to earn my EMT license I was able to be part of a family that was supportive, motivating and welcoming. The family wasn’t forged by my peers but by the Instructors. They were extremely encouraging and always pointed my class in the right direction, always making us strive to do the right thing. I now work at JFK Hospital pursuing my dream in the medical field. Hooyah Class 113″

~Matthew Halleck, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My time at HCI was an experience to remember. Nursing school was not easy. I have faced many challenges, however with the help of my instructors at 51勛圖 College I was able to overcome any obstacle I encountered. I quickly learned that to be successful I had to invest myself completely and develop strong studying habits, discipline, and drive. Staying positive and developing these habits helped me through the nursing program and helped me pass the NCLEX the first time. Within three weeks I was hired at HCA Florida Lawnwood and have been with them for three years. Hard work yields success!”

~Trudy Ann Brice, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I ,as an individual, cannot recommend 51勛圖 College enough for the EMT program. The instructors have many years of experience and tons of jokes. Trust me, no one is funnier than Instructor Santini. You’ll make friends for life here.”

~Alexander Gutierrez, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to the HCI Nursing College for the invaluable support and assistance they provided me in achieving my goal of becoming a registered nurse. I am grateful for the program’s commitment to excellence, comprehensive curriculum, and exceptional faculty, which helped me grow both personally and professionally.

The faculty members of the program are not only highly experienced but also committed to helping their students achieve success. They are always available to provide guidance, support, and encouragement, and their passion for teaching is truly inspiring.

Thanks to the HCI Nursing College’s exceptional training, I was able to pass my nursing licensure exam with flying colors. I am now a registered nurse, and I owe a great deal of my success to the program. I am proud to be an HCI Nursing College alumna and grateful for the support and encouragement I received from everyone in the program.”

~Sonia Brown, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I am grateful for the education I received from 51勛圖 College. As
a working mom, their flexibility allowed me to get an education
at night, do clinicals on the weekend and continue school
despite the outbreak of COVID 19. I had amazing professors who
supported me despite having major surgery to remove a large
tumor in the middle of my program. I graduated from HCI in
December 2020 and passed my NCLEX on the first try.
I accepted
my first job weeks later at Palms West Hospitals step down unit
and I am now a full time ICU registered nurse. If you have been
thinking of changing your career, its never too late. Thanks

~Danielle Tessmer, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at 51勛圖 College was better than I expected. The staff was very helpful and welcoming whenever I needed help with something or if I was having issues. The EMT Course was very hands on and also instructor Matlock was great every step of the way and explained things thoroughly with his extensive knowledge in fire/paramedics. Thank you for the experience and thank you to Dean Denise Edwards.”

~Dudley Bonhomme, 51勛圖 College Graduate

I can proudly say I am a Registered Nurse. I am so grateful, I am so proud of myself for pushing and never giving up . To anyone that took the time to read this testimony, I just want you to know that the best is yet to come. Once you’ve completed school, taken the NCLEX and pass, the world is yours. No regrets, no worries, the only regret you’ll have it not finishing. It’s ok to have bad days, it’s ok to feel defeated, regroup and keep pushing.  If you haven’t cried, or laugh in nursing school, it wasn’t an experience.”

~Latoya Johnson, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I personally found the EMT Program at 51勛圖 College to be very well designed not only for success in the field of Emergency Medicine but also any avenue you would want. This made learning the class experience much easier. The foundation of the program and experience of my instructors provided me with the fundamentals to be professional and perform my duties at the highest standard level of care.”

~Jeremy Robinson, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“With the help of HCIs administration and staff I gained the skills, knowledge, and clinical experience that I needed to be able to pass the NCLEX on the first try. The flexibility offered to working parents was such an important aspect of the nursing program I wanted to attend and HCI provided me the opportunity to advance my career while still working full-time. Ive recently begun a nursing position in the same hospital I was a CNA at and Im loving every minute of it! Thank you HCI for giving me everything I needed to do what I love.”

~Kady Meeler, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I have enlisted in the US Navy.  Although I am not pursuing a profession as an EMT, my experience [at 51勛圖 College] will lead me to a more successful future; due to the character it helped me to build. Aim to be better than the current you tomorrow; a day with learning is a day with success. Thank you 51勛圖 College for my learning experience.  Good luck to all the current students.”

~Lucas Zambrana, 51勛圖 College Graduate

51勛圖 College provides the most prestigious college experience for students. Myself, I am very excited to continue my education with HCI and plan on taking my skills that I have learned from the classes to my career! “

~Edward Morillo, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I chose to attend the Medical Assistant Program at 51勛圖 College because my goal is to further my education in the medical profession and 51勛圖 College provided me with the first steps in obtaining that goal . 51勛圖 College made me feel as though I could achieve my dreams while still remaining close to home and obtaining a balanced life . The instructors and staff at 51勛圖 College exposed me to real professionalism in the medical field. I was taught to have confidence and developed a strong work ethic. “

~Sheronda Grace, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I appreciate 51勛圖 College for the [Medical Assisting] training they gave me in the practical field as much as in the theoretic field. In reality, I didn’t think I would be able to complete the program because my native language is Spanish. But everything to the contrary, this program helped me learn English. Listening to the teacher, studying for exams, and doing hands-on practice helped me. I also thank my teacher Ms. Desiree Millan for the effort she made for her students to learn and be ready to put all their knowledge to practice in the health field. I want to thank 51勛圖 College because I have obtained the skills and knowledge necessary to put them into practice. I also want to thank the administrative personnel, Kim Trujillo and Celeste Blackwell, for the help they gave me and for encouraging me to keep going. “

~Graciela Agama, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I attended 51勛圖 College for 2 yrs. During my time was bitter sweet, but the end result got me my NCLEX. I am currently an ICU Trauma Nurse with no regrets and also going to forward with my Masters in Education/Leadership.”

~Michelle Whyte, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“As a career-driven person with the utmost passion for EMS, I knew that early on I could align my career commitments by becoming a Paramedic. By that,  HCI has supported these goals without barriers. The Paramedic program further induced these desires where I was able to apply myself in addition to lived experience while incorporating the full exposure that the program offers in ways unlike any before. With the support of their excellent staff, the EMS Director and my Lead Instructor Bruce Evans, I was able to embody this in full achievement.”

~Yanela Vickers, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Since I was little, I always wanted to work with animals. So, I decided to move out of my country and make my dream come true! Thanks to 51勛圖 College I made it and I have had so much fun learning in a great environment with great people!!”

~Lizmarie Quezada, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I started Paramedic with the goal of not only becoming a better version of myself, but to serve as a useful component to everyday society. 51勛圖 College facilitated this goal with phenomenal instructors such as Bruce Evans and Don Mohr, who not only exposed any weaknesses I had, but put in the time and energy to help me overcome them.”

~Antony Camejo, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I have learned so much in the medical assisting program whether it was book knowledge or with hands on experience. The program is doable as long you put the time into it. You not only learn from the professor, who is very knowledgeable about the courses and profession, but you can also learn from your classmates who might have experience as well. Im very excited to have been hired by my externship site, where I now can turn my knowledge into experience, and learn furthermore in the field.”

~Yan Chen, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I remember when I decided to go into EMT school I was looking for the right school to attend, and I remember seeing HCI pop up in my search result plenty of times. After I did my research I didnt want to attend any other school but HCI. When I tell you I dont regret my decision, I dont. I love HCI! When I needed help, it was there, when I needed resources, it was provided, and when I needed time, it was given. All the staff played a role in helping me get where Im at now. Now I have a bigger goal thats going to push me to continue my education in the medical field thanks to HCI.”

~David Lucas, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I had an amazing experience with the EMT school here at HCI! Not only was it enjoyable but every part of the staff was so helpful. From teachers to students, everyone here will support you! Im glad I chose HCI for EMT school and would do it again if I had to.”

~Robert F. Mueller, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“When I came into HCI, I didn’t know what to expect. As time went on I learned so much about myself. My instructors helped me see that I could do it. They taught me so much about discipline and being resilient. I appreciate them so much. The staff is very caring and always ready to help. With their motivation and love I became an Emergency Medical Technician. Thank you instructor Don, and instructor Allie. I love you guys. Thank you HCI!”

~Yvemelda Elusdort, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I came to HCI with a passion to help people in their most dire times. I decided becoming an EMT was the perfect career for me and with the help of my incredible instructors, the clinical staff, and Career Services, I am on my way to becoming a successful EMT.”

~Niaja Lucas, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I had a great experience at HCI, I really could not have done it without two special instructors Chris McKay and Allie Bouschet, they really pushed me to continue and not give up, they truly care about each student. Joan Sherrard in Career Services was also a major key to my success, she helped me sign up for my Nationals and switch EMT license to Florida. She always went above and beyond to help with whatever needed to be done, and would email job listings and job fairs. I was recently hired at Jupiter Medical Center, I start orientation next week.!!!”

~ Jessica Lauger, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I came into this program ready to take on this challenging
journey to becoming a RN, which has been a longtime dream of
mine. The professors made sure to do just that, they made us
work for it. They went above and beyond with tutoring sessions
and encouragement. I am a strong believer that anything worth
having is worth fighting for. I am excited to continue learning
and growing as a new nurse, and grateful for my experience at

~ Kimberly Charles, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“The instructors are very knowledgeable. I had fun in a great learning environment and the clinicals were inspiring.”

~ Eduardo Ramos, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I remember stepping on campus the first day of my RN nursing classes; full of excitement and hope, surrounded by other eager faces filling into the classroom. This was a very exciting day for me because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had the passion to become a nurse just like my mom. Without my mom, i wouldn’t have gotten this far, she encouraged me so much and I’m grateful for her. Another exciting day for me was the day I finished nursing school. I knew I could do it, and I am so happy I did. This journey was tough but thank God, my instructors, and my family everyday for helping me get through it.”

~Anjelica Wright, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“I came to 51勛圖 College with nothing but a goal in mind and a little ambition. With the help of this incredible Institution, I am well on my to achieving those goals. Special shout out to Papa John Baker, Maurice, and Ms. Lorna for helping me start and FINISH at 51勛圖 College, love yall!! 51勛圖 College FOR LIFE!!!”

~Kameron Holmes, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“HCIs flexibility was helpful for students who still wanted to manage life while they learn.”

~Paula Francis, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My name is Shaseka Lewis (also known as O’shea) I started HCI in May/June 2019 in order to finish my studies that I started at another college. I was referred to this college by another HCI graduate and passed her NCLEX December, 2020. While enrolled at HCI she and I were each others eyes, ears, and
strength. Not only did I have her to lean on I had professor Levy & professor Stewart who allowed me to prove to myself that as long as I worked hard, concentrated and pushed through obstacles I would achieve all my set goals. I passed the NCLEX on my first try on December 18, 2020 and found
employment 2 days later. After corresponding with Annamarie the career advisor at HCI Fort Lauderdale campus I was able to land another job with Broward Children’s center. I am very grateful for her insight on job opportunities, reviewing my resume and all the interview tips she provided me. I would definitely recommend HCI to anyone who wishes to become a nurse.”

~Shaseka Lewis, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“Finding a nursing school that was accommodating to working parents was not easy. HCI gave me that opportunity, not saying it was easy but doable. We can do anything we set our minds to if you really want it!!”

~Jamie Russo, 51勛圖 College Graduate

Anything worth having is worth fighting forSusan Elizabeth Phillips. Having my Nursing degree was worth the fight. The faculty and staff of 51勛圖 College stood behind me every step of the way to ensure I would win. Being an adult learner and single parent, I was faced with multiple obstacles but I never gave up because of the encouraging words of Miss Lorna, Professor Allison and Professor Timmie to name a few. I would
recommend this school to anyone who is serious about pursing their dream of becoming a registered nurse as like me
you too will have an army of dedicated individuals to help you succeed.”

~Gino Laidlaw, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“One day I decided to change my heels for a pair of sneakers and my business suit for a pair of scrubs.and today I woke up officially a Registered Nurse.this woman passed her NCLEX!!!!!!”

~Martha Davalos, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“HCI was the stepping stone in jump starting my Nursing career and for that I am grateful. I had an excellent academic advisor that encouraged me to take the first step amidst some difficulties I was going through at the time. Her encouragement gave me the push I needed. It definitely paid off! HCI’s flexible schedule enabled me to work full-time while completing the program, a major factor in my success. Thanks to my instructors and the entire staff, I am working with one of the biggest healthcare corporations and loving it.”

~Novia Simpson, 51勛圖 College Graduate

“My experience at 51勛圖 College was amazing. I was able to work full time while attending the program, and still have a life at home being a mom and wife. HCI prepared me to deal with all of the everyday challenges I face as an RN. I will forever be grateful.”

~Brittney Brody, 51勛圖 College Graduate

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